Noise Pollution Simulation Software

NPSM is an advanced simulation program for propagation of noise in the atmosphere using Finite Element Method(FEM) to map the physical domain features. The model is capable of predicting the noise level due to single / multi-point or line type sources.



Hydrodyn-NSESOFT an advanced computer program used to simulate propagation of Noise in the atmosphere under various meteorological conditions and complex topographical features. The software uses user defined or automatically generated computational grids for solving the basic governing equations of atmospheric flows and noise. It uses Finite Element Method to map the physical domain features to be modeled exactly and with generalized land boundaries.

NSESOFT is capable of predicting the noise levels due to single/multiple point or line type of noise sources. It takes into account the effect of barriers, buildings and vegetation on the propagation of noise. Ground absorption and meteorological effects like wind, humidity and temperature are also accounted for. Multiple sources at different frequencies can be easily handled.

NSESOFT includes many specialized features of graphics and menu driven pre/post -processor for setting up the input, running the calculation and selecting and obtaining graphical output from the analysis. It allows fast, flexible creation and modification of computational models, while greatly reducing the possibility of errors in the input. It is available for UNIX workstations and IBM compatible PC's under MS Windows 95 or Windows NTplatform.

  • Uses a finite element approach, which allows modeling in 2 or 3 dimensions.
  • The user can select the boundary conditions at any location and select the any type of boundary conditions i.e. steady or transient.
  • A graphical interface i.e. pre-processor is integrated to the model to define the required model input graphically.
  • Various objects, i.e. altitude contours, forests and water bodies are represented by different colors to identify the objects easily.
  • Multi view point dynamic post-processing facilities for output results available.
  • The monitor points can be selected at any location in the computational domain to monitor the output results and show the results graphically.
  • Displays help menu whenever user required.
  • It is an absolute user friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation , calculation and analysis.
  • Accounting for absorbing surfaces like grass covered ground and barriers with absorptive coating is incorporated in the software.

Exterior Acoustics:

  • Prediction of noise levels due to various sources in open environment.
  • Effect of traffic noise on community with application to town planning & highway design.
  • Effect of Industrialization on community noise.

Interior Acoustics:

  • Prediction of noise levels inside enclosed rooms.
  • Room acoustics