Our Major Clients

  • Accenture
  • Adani
  • essar
  • Honeywell
  • Reliance
  • wipro
  • nio
  • indian
  • Bharat
  • Tata
  • Toyo


Air Pollution Simulation Software

APSM is a three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics software package designed to simulate pollutant spread into the atmosphere, possible impact on the roads due to dispersion of pollutants, Fire Propagation.

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Surface Water Pollution Simulation Software

SWPSM is a 3D environmental fluid dynamics software package designed to simulate pollutant discharges into the water body, possible impact at the coastal shoreline due to oil slick, morphological changes of bed due to erosion and deposition processes.

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Ground Water Pollution Simulation Software

GWPSM is a three-dimensional fluid dynamics software package designed to simulate pollutant transport in ground water, possible impact at the zones of coastal shoreline due to salt water intrusion. It is the only available software which takes into account, all soil properties in numerical simulation.

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Noise Pollution Simulation Software

NPSM is an advanced simulation program for propagation of noise in the atmosphere using Finite Element Method(FEM) to map the physical domain features. The model is capable of predicting the noise level due to single / multi-point or line type sources.

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Institutional Software

Institutional Solutions is a collection of Client/Server Applications, which gives solutions to the problem occurred/involved in day-to-day business.We developed Library Management System to Library Management Automation, Institute Automation,Office Automation and Bank Software developed for Co-Operative Banks.

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